About Us

Who we are:

Anna Kay Extensions is your premier source for 100 % virgin, Armenian human hair. Though we’ve planted our feet in the heart of Sacramento,  our team of hair experts travel across the globe to Armenia, throughout the year to hand-pick the finest qualities of lab-tested, untouched, cut from the source, Armenian human hair.

How we do it:

Our hair experts have teamed up with the gold-miners of hair in the mother country to provide our customers the finest and richest of raw, voluminous hair to satisfy your every natural-hair needs!

Throughout the year, our exclusive partners in Armenia, will travel the cultured villages and scavenge the magical city of Yerevan to find clients who are willing to sell their naturally grown, undyed hair. Being the experts that they are, each bundle is tested to validate it hasn’t been dyed or damaged. Our expert partners actually cut the hair from these clients, have the hair washed thoroughly per Anna Kay Extensions standards, and certified with individualized passport ID’s to guarantee its nature, grade and quality.

Then, our CEO flies personally to Armenia to touch, test and pick the best hair bundles that truly represent our brand and what we have to offer to you, our most valued customers.

Our trips to Armenia are always documented and can be found either on our website, Facebook or Instagram pages. We document our visits to not only relieve you of any doubts, but to share with you our exciting journey to finding exceptional hair. And the icing on the cake? Our videos show these hairs in their truest, rawest forms! To watch videos of these bundles in their truest form being washed, blow-dried, curled, straitened and what-have-you, visit our Facebook page at: Anna Kay or Instagram page at: AnnaKayExtensions.

At Anna Kay Extensions, honesty is number one and being as such, we strive to provide you the kind of hair our CEO would proudly flaunt.




Current State:

As of now, we only sell one grade of hair: the highest mark of virgin, Armenian human hair. All of our bundle arrangements are available dipped in bleach to add that platinum, Russian-blonde every vixen has hidden inside of her.

Though we currently offer bundles in lengths of 14 inches to 28 inches, any custom order request for shorter than 14 inches and/or longer than 28 inches, as well as lace frontals will be honored and custom pricing is available for that upon emailed request.

All emails, questions, and concerns will be handled directly with our CEO, to ensure you are getting the best, quality service we can offer. Because we all know, the only thing that pairs well with quality service is quality hair!

Refunds/Exchanges: due to the sensitivity of our products and for sanitary purposes, no refunds or exchanges will be permitted to ensure the quality of our hair and services to you.